The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative is leading a number of initiatives in 2014 to advance healthy aging in the Commonwealth. These include:

Healthy Aging Forum
The Tufts Health Plan Foundation in partnership with the Massachusetts Health Policy Forum at Brandeis University’s Heller School has hosted three statewide forums (2009, 2010 and 2012) on healthy aging in the Commonwealth. A fourth forum was held January 24, 2014 in Newton. The forums bring together members of the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative as well as other thought leaders from across the state to raise awareness about healthy aging and discuss the status of healthy aging programs and initiatives. The forums also provided the impetus for creating and structuring the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative, creating a Healthy Aging executive committee, and advancing the direction of the Collaborative. Learn more about the Collaborative’s history.

Healthy Aging Data Report
The stimulus for the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Data Report came at the urging of Collaborative members who noted the lack of comprehensive data on healthy aging that could be used by local communities to effectively understand their 65+ populations. With funding from the Tufts Health Plan Foundation and research conducted by the Gerontology Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston, the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Data Report provides a mechanism for communities to implement more customized programs through data comparisons of physical, social and health variables from multiple federal and state data sources for Massachusetts.

The report details individual town data alongside of state averages, allowing for a comparison of how a town is doing relative to the rest of the state by each variable. Multi-dimensional indicators of healthy aging and healthy aging programs are identified along with GIS analyses that will enable communities to address local challenges and better allocate resources to those areas (physical, social and health) of greater need. Learn more about the Healthy Aging Data Report.

Healthy Aging Collaborative Website
Collaborative members also urged for the creation of a new website that would facilitate year-round communication and networking among members and other healthy aging professionals. The result is this website which supports the Collaborative’s goals to:

  • Bring together diverse stakeholders with expertise and interest in healthy aging;
  • Foster the generation and sharing of new and creative ideas;
  • Engage in dialogue around healthy aging issues and facilitate resource/information sharing;
  • Build partnerships and encourage networking; and
  • Map activities around the state and leverage existing and new solutions to address healthy aging-related needs in the Commonwealth.