Other Health Promotion Programs

In addition to the evidence-based programs offered through Massachusetts, organizations also offer many other health promotion programs for older adults at the local level. The programs focus on a range of topics, including physical activity, support groups, health education, volunteerism, brain health, and transportation. These programs allow older adults to manage specific health conditions, engage in their communities and/or with other generations, and find encore careers and volunteer opportunities.

Selected Categories of Health Promotion Programs

  • Physical Activity
  • Support Groups/Friendly Visitor Programs
  • Health Education
  • Medical Advocacy/Interpretation
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Volunteering/Encore Careers/Retirement
  • Caregiving
  • Brain Health
  • Transportation
  • Social Engagement

Learn More

Contact your local Council on Aging/Senior Center or Area Agency on Aging to find out about other health promotion programs in your area.