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Dementia Friendly Massachusetts Initiative

January 2017

The Dementia Friendly Massachusetts Initiative (DMFI) is a whole-community response to creating dementia friendly communities. Dementia friendly communities are safe, informed, and respectful and engage all members of the community to meet the needs of the growing number of people living with dementia to remain part of the fabric of our vibrant community life. The DMFI […]

Legal Planning for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

October 2016

This resource is a comprehensive guide to legal planning for dementia and alzheimer’s patients and their families

Making the Move to Assisted Living

October 2016

This resource provides tips for choosing an assisted living facility and making the transition.

AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit (and Leader Guide)

October 2016

The AARP walk audit provides step-by-step instructions and checklists for examining intersections, sidewalks, driver behavior, public safety and more.

Berkshire County Residential Aging in Place Workbook

September 2016

This workbook is intended as a tool and resource to empower homeowners to identify, plan, and implement home renovations to allow them to age safely, independently, and comfortably in their own homes for as long as they wish. Source:

Health Benefits of Swimming for All

July 2016

This resource provides information on the health benefits of swimming for people of all ages. It also shares the benefits of swimming for those with arthritis, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

Age-Friendly Boston: Assessing need and charting a course of action

June 2016

The Age-Friendly Boston iinitiative challenges the city’s public agencies, community groups, businesses, cultural, educational and religious institutions to consider how changes to policy and practice can enhance the quality of life for Boston’s aging residents. This report focuses on Boston residents’ feedback on growing older in Boston and shares the results of a 12 month […]

Brookline Age-Friendly City Program Biannual Report: 2014-2015

May 2016

This document provides an update on the second and third years of the Brookline (MA) Age-Friendly City initiative.

Celebrate the Voices video

April 2016

This video from the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) Design for Aging Committee and Age-Friendly Boston  gives older adults a voice by highlighting several older adults from different walks of life sharing their own stories of life in Boston.

Age-Friendly Communities Evaluation Guide: Using Indicators to Measure Progress

April 2016

The Public Health Agency of Canada has developed an Age-Friendly Communities Evaluation Guide as part of its commitment to promote the Age-Friendly Community model throughout Canada.  The guide provides information and tools to measure indicators of age-friendliness.  43 outcome indicators that are based on the eight domains of AFC are identified in the guide to […]

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