AARP Examines Walking Attitudes and Habits of Adults Age 50 and Older

Nov 16, 2022

More than half (55%) of adults 50-plus engage in one or two walking activities in a typical week, while most (86%) walk for 10 minutes or more, and nearly half (47%) walk for at least 30 minutes, according to a survey report supported by AARP

Most respondents agree walking is beneficial for improving physical health (91%), fitness (83%), mental health (75%), and brain health (59%).

Adults aged 50 and older were asked about their engagement in seven different walking activities: Walking at work, walking a pet, brisk walking for exercise, hiking, leisurely walking/strolling, recreation, and walking to and from places they need to go. The survey also revealed that 87% of older adults engage in one of these activities daily:

  • Leisure walking/strolling (45%)
  • To get to and from places (38%)
  • Brisk walking for exercise (32%)
  • At work (29%)
  • Recreational walking (23%)
  • Walking a pet (23%)
  • Hiking (8%)

More information is available in the AARP report here and for information on age-friendly walking, see resources from our partners at WalkBoston here.