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AARP Survey of Older Workers Reveal Concerns of Ageism

Results from a new AARP survey reveal deep ageism-related concerns from both employed older adults and those seeking jobs.

For example, the survey finds that older workers who are concerned they could lose their job this year believe their age would be a factor (61%) while nearly half of older concerned workers fear that their older age will hamper their job search. Continue reading

Joint Center for Housing Studies Fall Research Round-Up Highlights Older Adult Issues (Guest Blog Post)

The following is a guest blog post by Jennifer Molinsky, Senior Research Associate, Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University

In 2020, the pandemic, a powerful movement for social justice, and another year of devastating natural disasters have all focused attention on how housing quality, location, and affordability matter to wellbeing. This fall, the Joint Center for Housing Studies released several reports exploring various aspects of the nation’s housing challenges and their relationship to older adults’ welfare. Continue reading