AARP Releases ‘Bike Audit’ Tool Kit

Oct 11, 2023

Created by AARP Livable Communities with the League of American Bicyclists, the AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit is a free, 32-page, information- and image-filled guide that can be used by cycling advocates and local leaders to assess and improve the safety and accessibility of a community’s streets and paths for all users, including cyclists.

The bicycling tool kit provides a step-by-step approach to observing and documenting the safe or unsafe bikeability of a location. The results of a community bike audit can educate local decision-makers and provide them with the needed data, solutions and strategies for achieving change.

Anyone can do a bike audit. In fact, the best audits are done by people with a range of perspectives and mobility needs.

  • The free AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit is available in print or as a PDF download.
  • The worksheets are available as printable, online-fillable PDF downloads in single-sheet and two-page-large-type versions.

To download different versions of the guide, order hardcopies and see other bicycling resources, visit the AARP Bike Audit webpage.