AARP Survey Reveals Experience with Fraud Among Older Adults, Caregivers

Mar 16, 2022

In a recent short survey conducted between January 20-24, 2022, AARP asked adults 50 and older and family caregivers about their experiences losing money to a scam. The basis for the survey comes from AARP’s recent National Fraud Frontiers report, which reported
nine in 10 Americans (229 million people) experienced a fraud attempt in the past year, with one in seven (33 million people) losing money as a result.

Nearly one-fifth (17%) of adults 50-plus say that an older loved one has experienced a scam and lost money as a result, while more than half (54%) of those who lost money noted a loss of more than $1,000. A similar percentage of family caregivers (19%) say that their care recipient had lost money due to a scam.

More detailed information is available in the survey result fact sheet here.