AARP Survey Reveals Perceptions, Stigma Around a Dementia Diagnosis

Jun 30, 2021

Misperceptions and stigma about dementia are hindering efforts to appropriately address brain-healthy behaviors among adults 40 and older, a recent AARP survey found.

The survey, which targeted both healthcare providers and adults age 40 and older in the general population, revealed that fear, confusion, and false information are clouding the truth about dementia. According to the findings, significant disconnections exist not only in the perceptions of the general public, but also among health care providers.

There is a clear opportunity to inform both providers and the public about the real concerns surrounding dementia and the known lifestyle habits that can help maintain brain function as people age. Reassuring health care providers that patients do not hold as negative a view of dementia as they do was a major theme throughout the findings.

The data points and key findings are available in the survey results from AARP here.