Age-Friendly Funding Alerts: Project for Public Spaces, MassTrails

Nov 1, 2023

The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative is pleased to promote the following funding opportunities that help promote and support inclusive age-and dementia friendly communities:

This fall, with generous support from General Motors (GM), Project for Public Spaces will support five public space transformation projects that engage and improve the experience of underserved members of the community.

The selected applicant will have the opportunity to work with local residents and partners to facilitate a placemaking process in collaboration with Project for Public Spaces that results in physical and programmatic improvements to the space.

Those interested can register here for an informational webinar on Nov. 3rd from 2:00-3:00 EST. More information about this opportunity is available here.

MassTrails provides grants to support recreational trail and shared-use pathway projects across the Commonwealth. The award maximum depends on the project type and needs and is generally $100,000 for recreational trails projects and up to $500,000 for shared-use path projects demonstrating critical network connections of regional or statewide significance.

Eligible grant activities include project development, design, engineering, permitting, construction, and maintenance of recreational trails, shared-use pathways, and the amenities that support trails.

MassTrails grants are REIMBURSEMENT grants, meaning grantees must first pay for expenditures and then submit for reimbursement using the required documentation.

MassTrails grants are MATCHING grants and require that proponents provide a minimum of 20% of the total project cost.

Eligible projects require documented land owner permission submitted with the application and are subject to all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

MassTrails grants are reviewed and recommended by the Governor’s Inter-Agency Trails Team and the Massachusetts Recreational Trails Advisory Board (MARTAB).

More information, including how to apply, is available here.

  • Previously announced Age-Friendly Funding Opportunities that are still available can be viewed in a previous blog post.