Alzheimer’s Association Announces September Virtual Events

Aug 25, 2021

The Alzheimer’s Association of MA/NH released their September calendar of virtual events that offer support and guidance to caregivers and people living with dementia, but those working to advance age- and dementia friendly communities may be interested to help inform action and awareness.

Especially for Caregivers: 

September 8 at 12 PM ► Effective Communication Strategies
September 8 at 6 PM ► Living with Alzheimer’s: For Early-Stage Caregivers
This is a three-part series with meetings on September 8, 15 and 22
September 16 at 6:30 PM ► Safety and Memory Challenges
September 21 at 6 PM ► Dementia Conversations
September 28 at 4 PM ► Understanding & Responding to Dementia-Related Behavior

For people living with dementia and their families:

Weekly on Thursdays at 11 AM ► Alz Meet Ups

September topics include: Work Life, Living Art, Actors and Actresses, and Our Life Experience. If you are interested in attending, please contact Jenna Dion, Memory Specialist, at

All are welcome:

September 7 at 4 PM ► Healthy Living For Your Brain and Body
September 9 at 12 PM ► New Advances in Alzheimer’s Treatment NEW! 
September 14 at 6:30 PM ► Advancing the Science at Any Given Moment: The Latest in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research
September 29 at 12 PM ► 10 Warning Signs
September 30 at 12 PM ► Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia