Baker Administration Implements Behavioral Health Roadmap, Launches 24/7 Behavioral Health Helpline

Jan 4, 2023

The Baker Administration announced the implementation of its Roadmap for Behavioral Health Reform with the opening of 25 Community Behavioral Health Centers (CBHCs), community-based crisis intervention services, and launch of the 24/7 Behavioral Health Help Line. This marks a historic development in access to behavioral health services across the Commonwealth.

Built with input from health care providers, medical professionals, legislators, and individuals and families across Massachusetts, the Roadmap demonstrates the commitment the Commonwealth has made to making behavioral health just as much a priority as physical health.

The launch of the Help Line, mobile crisis services, and CBHCs introduces a new “front door” to behavioral health care for Massachusetts residents, making it easier for residents to find and access behavioral health services, reducing reliance on hospital emergency rooms and improving and streamlining the availability of behavioral health clinical services for adults and youth.

Three major outcomes of the Roadmap are:

  • A network of 25 Community Behavioral Health Centers in communities across the state, designated and funded by the Administration, that serve as an entry point for timely, high-quality, and evidence-based treatment for mental health conditions and substance use disorders, including routine appointments, urgent visits, and community-based crisis intervention. To learn more, click here.
  • 24/7 mobile community-based crisis intervention and stabilization services that will serve as an alternative to hospital emergency departments.
  • A new, 24/7 Behavioral Health Help Line, which offers a single point of contact for residents to receive real-time support, initial clinical assessment, and connection to the right mental health and SUD evaluation and treatment, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. The phone and chat line will offer real-time clinical triage and service navigation in more than 200 languages to help individuals and families access the range of treatment for mental health and addiction offered in the Commonwealth, including outpatient, urgent, and immediate crisis intervention. Every call, text, or chat conversation will include clinical follow up. The Help Line is available through phone or text at 833-773-BHHL, as well as chat online at