Boston and New Bedford Featured in AARP’s Age-Friendly COVID-19 Response Highlights

Dec 16, 2020

Among the nation’s communities and local leaders on the frontlines of the global coronavirus pandemic are the more than 450 towns, cities, counties and states enrolled in the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities – 74 of which are in Massachusetts.

AARP highlighted COVID-19 response in age-friendly communities across the country and included examples from Boston and New Bedford.

The innovative responses of both age-friendly communities brought together a broad set of partners to address food access for older adults that reflect the diversity of each community.

AARP also shared survey results from age-friendly communities nationwide on COVID-19 response. More than 50 percent of respondents believe the community’s age-friendly efforts helped it be better prepared for responding to COVID-19 due to already-in-place partnerships, prior efforts to improve communications with older adults, earlier efforts to understand residents’ needs, and the presence of a volunteer network.

The importance of relationships and partnerships reflect findings from a report supported by the Tufts Health Plan Foundation on the experience of selected communities in Massachusetts.