Boston Mayor Highlights Home-Share Pilot Program

Sep 20, 2017

On September 20th, Mayor Marty Walsh announced the City’s Home Share Pilot Program in partnership with and the success of their first 8 inter-generational matches in a speech to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

nesterly is an online platform to connect households who have spare space with young people willing to exchange help around the house for lower rent. For the month of September, nesterly is inviting residents to be part of the first group of users to join the site. They will waive the membership fee during the month of September and will include you as a featured user.

To take advantage of September’s promotion, please go ahead and log-in and create your profile today at

According to the City of Boston, the Mayor’s Housing Innovation Lab, the Elderly Commission, and nesterly, a local social enterprise working to make existing homes work better for today’s households, have launched the Intergen Homeshare Pilot. The Intergen Homeshare pilot sets out to pair senior households with an extra bedroom to students who are looking for not only an affordable place to stay during their studies, but also an opportunity to engage more deeply with the local community, establish companionship between different generations, and help seniors with simple home maintenance while receiving lower rent.

An action item from the Age-Friendly Boston Action Plan, this pilot currently has eight pairings, and will run through December to determine the impact, feasibility, and resources needed to potentially scale this initiative into a city-wide program. With the current demographic shifts and the pressing need to increase affordable housing, the City and nesterly are collaborating to bring this innovation housing solution to the City of Boston.