BU MetroBridge Program Accepting Community-Based Project Ideas for Spring Semester

Nov 3, 2020

The MetroBridge program, which takes a new approach to embedding real-world projects for local government into courses across Boston University, is accepting proposal ideas for the upcoming Spring semester.

The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative encourages communities seeking to become more age- and dementia friendly to apply to the program for support on assessment and action planning.

MetroBridge first cultivates project ideas by seeking out distinct research needs of cities, towns and community-based organizations, and then collaborating with faculty across the university to find the best course match for each project. The MetroBridge team views their approach as a true win-win solution by providing tailored research products to under-resourced communities, while at the same time, exposing students from across many disciplines to the way their growing skillsets are needed by local government and community-based organizations.

The program provides a menu of project options, but takes other ideas as well. One project from the 2020 Spring semester was to support an age-friendly community survey in the town of Easton.

Contact MetroBridge Program Manager Emily Robbins at if you’re interested in partnering with them.