Building a village in a city for Waltham seniors

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With a growing senior population, what needs to happen to make Waltham a better community for healthy aging? This was the question posed by Brandeis professor Walter Leutz in his recent study, “Healthy Aging in Waltham – Going Places?” Spanning a year and a half from its conception in December 2014 to the final report in May 2016, the study looked at what makes Waltham a good or bad place to grow old and how it can be made better. Read the full post 

1 thought on “Building a village in a city for Waltham seniors

  1. Looking forward to learning more about healthy ageing in my Boston neighbothood. I will be conducting a student survey and hope to interview community leaders, politicians, healh and welness professionals as well as community residents. While our communities are very different, your project is inspiring. It will be a valuable resource in developing my research project. Thanks for sharing.

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