City of Boston, Nesterly Campaigning to Expand Intergenerational Homesharing Program

Feb 19, 2020

In 2017 the City of Boston launched their intergenerational homeshare pilot, a collaboration between the Mayor’s Housing Innovation Lab, the Age Strong Commission, and Nesterly, a local start up aiming to match older adults with spare rooms with graduate students.

Brought together different generations who expressed an interest in living together and learning from one another, this pilot generated a lot of excitement. The pilot and early success from this collaboration generated news coverage showing the impact it could have on housing affordability. Now, almost three years later the key partners are ready to scale up, and make 100 matches between older adults hosts and renters by June 2020.

Any organizations or stakeholders interested in promoting this within their networks and helping this initiative reach its goal can download a social media kit here or can check out Nesterly’s website for more information.

Homes are not limited to the City of Boston. Nesterly displays its listing of available homes here.