Focus on Dutch “Dementia Villages” in Media Highlight Dementia Friendly Design

Aug 24, 2022

A recent and comprehensive article from the Boston Globe focused on the Dutch system of support for older adults, including long-term care and dementia care while an explainer video from Vox provides a summary of the same system.

Both highlight dementia friendly design that combines elements of physical and social infrastructure. Some of these elements are being developed as part of the age- and dementia friendly movement in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative co-coordinates a physical infrastructure workgroup as part of the Massachusetts Advisory Council on Alzheimer’s Disease and All Other Dementias. Along with Massachusetts Councils on Aging and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, the group is close to completing a guide promoting dementia friendly physical design considerations.

Some leaders in senior housing are already supporting residents living with dementia through inclusive physical design while programs like Dementia Friends and Memory Cafes – alongside age- and dementia friendly community efforts – advance awareness, caregiver support and other community improvements.

The video below from Vox includes some elements that will be in the abovementioned guide on dementia friendly design considerations and provides a sample of what age- and dementia friendly communities can consider: