‘Giving Voice’ Initiative Helps Choirs Include People Living with Dementia

Dec 28, 2018

Thanks to The Giving Voice Initiative, communities seeking to become Age- and Dementia Friendly have another way to be inclusive. The organization provides a free toolkit to help communities establish choirs that actively recruit participants living with memory loss and their care partners.

This article from the Washington Post highlights how communities are benefiting from a growing number of choruses that include people living with dementia as well as their care partners. The Giving Voice Initiative toolkit answers these questions, and more:

  • Who should host a Giving Voice chorus?
  • What’s involved in planning a chorus?
  • What’s special about the Giving Voice experience?
  • What’s involved in operating a chorus?
  • How much will it cost and who will pay for it?”

To receive the free toolkit, visit: Giving Voice Toolkit