Home for the Holidays Campaign Highlights Home Modification Options

Dec 11, 2019

Most older adults want to continue living in their homes as they age. Yet many homes often need to be adapted to meet the changing mobility, sensory and cognitive needs of the older adults who live in them.

Several resources for home modifications exist, from AARP’s HomeFit Guide to Age Friendly Berkshires’ “Aging in Place Workbook.”

Now, N4A and the Eldercare Locator have partnered with the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology on the 2019 Home for the Holidays campaign, which also focuses on home modifications and centers on an introductory guide.

This national public education campaign aims to ensure that older adults and their caregivers are aware of the many services and programs available in communities around the country to support them as they modify their homes for successful aging

The goal of annual Eldercare Locator’s annual Home for the Holidays campaign is to encourage discussion of important issues affecting older Americans at a time of the year when family and friends often gather. Past campaigns have addressed long-distance caregiving, the growing problem of social isolation and loneliness, and strategies to help older adults transition to no longer driving.

To help educate the public and key stakeholders about this year’s issue, n4a produced a consumer brochure, Modifying Your Home for Healthy Aging, and a toolkit containing resources the Aging Network can use to promote the availability of home modification resources in their communities. Order the brochure here.

Watch the recording of the webinar held by n4a, our partners at the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology and Mountain Empire Older Citizens to learn more about the campaign and ways the Aging Network can use campaign tools to increase community awareness of  home modifications.

Toolkit for the Aging Network: