Housing Navigator Massachusetts Announces the Launch of its Statewide Innovative Affordable Housing Search Tool

Aug 18, 2021

Cambridge-based, tech nonprofit Housing Navigator Massachusetts, Inc. [HNMI] announced the launch of its affordable housing search tool today, the first website search tool of its kind to be offered in the state. The effort is a public private partnership announced in the fall of 2019, benefitting from the support of the state’s affordable housing funders, property owners, and housing advocates.

The innovative, modern housing search platform will raise the experience of searching for
affordable housing to be in line with the experience of looking for market-rate apartments on familiar websites like and Trulia.

Renters will be able to use the new website, and its free services, to search for affordable rental housing throughout Massachusetts. The first release includes over 2100 properties and over 160,000 affordable rentals in 260+ cities and towns. There are hundreds more in process. Users may search by their location preference filtering for eligibility, affordability, accessibility, and more. Listings will feature photos, amenities and are mapped to nearby transit.

Foundations, individuals, agencies and housing owners have financially supported the nonprofit. A recently announced grant from Tufts Health Plan Foundation will support specific work with older adults to bridge the digital divide in digital access and comfort level with online tools.

Going forward, the Housing Navigator will continue to add features to simplify search and
resources with deeper information on affordable housing options and the application process. Additional listings will appear on the site as more property owners and managers verify their properties and keep listings accurate and up-to-date.

Visit the Housing Navigator Tool here.