‘Making Room’ Publication from AARP Looks at Housing Options for Changing Demographics

Feb 6, 2019

Just as the housing needs of individuals change over a lifetime unprecedented shifts in both demographics and lifestyle have fundamentally transformed our nation’s housing requirements.

Filled with infographics, ideas, solutions, photographs and floor plans from the National Building Museum exhibition of the same name, Making Room: Housing for a Changing America is a rallying cry for a wider menu of housing options.

Like the exhibition, which was curated with the Citizens Housing & Planning Council and funded in part by AARP Foundation, the publication introduces readers — be they residential builders or designers, community leaders or the general public — to a future that can feature a menu of housing options that better serve people of all ages and the needs of a changing America.

Organized into four parts, Making Room begins with a look at the nation’s changing demographics and household types, followed by a collection of more than three-dozen housing solutions and then a “tour” of The Open House, an interactive, furnished demonstration home that was created for the exhibition (by Clei with Resource Furniture) and could seamlessly accommodate three entirely different household living arrangements.

AARP created an accompanying slideshow that summarizes some of what’s available in the publication, which can be ordered for free by emailing with the subject line: Making Room

In the email body, include:

  • Your Name
  • Street Address
  • Town/City, State, Zip Code
  • Publication number: D20459

To download the PDF:

Email WhereWeLive@AARP.orgThe auto-response will contain a link to the Making Room download page.