MAPC Technical Assistance Program and Invitation to Join ‘MetroCommon’ Advisory Group

Nov 1, 2018

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is soliciting ideas for individual community-specific projects and for multi-community projects that will commence in 2018. This presents another opportunity from the Healthy Aging Collaborative’s regional planning partners for Age-Friendly Communities where there is overlap.

Projects that serve multiple communities always receive preference; projects that advance the MetroFuture priorities of smart growth, regional collaboration, and/or advancing equity in the region, always receive preference. 

Eligible projects cover a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to: housing and economic development; regionalization and shared services; public safety; public health; climate change (mitigation or adaptation); clean energy; fair housing; equitable transit-oriented development (E-TOD); bicycle/pedestrian mobility; environmental and resource protection; creative community placemaking; and arts and culture planning.

With this round of technical assistance funding, MAPC is particularly interested in seeing projects that help to break down barriers to equity on issues such as housing, economic mobility, public health, public safety, and the integration of marginalized populations. Additionally, we have a particular objective of assisting communities seeking to participate in Governor Baker and Lieutenant Governor Polito’s Housing Choice Program. We are also eager to apply TAP funds to complement funds from other state programs that advance smart growth objectives, including Community Compact, Chapter 40R Smart Growth Overlay Districts, Complete Streets, and Planning Assistance Grants. Learn more here.

The next version of “MetroFuture,” known as MetroCommon 2050, will serve as Greater Boston’s next long-range plan, is revving up!

There will be many ways to be part of MetroCommon 2050, including participating on an External Advisory Committee. This group will work closely with MAPC and guide their work.

MHAC encourages its interested partners to apply for this volunteer group and find more information here. Applications are due on Wednesday, November 7.