MassDOT Taking Feedback on Pedestrian Transportation Plan

Sep 19, 2018

MassDOT is asking for comments on its draft Pedestrian Plan, which aims to establish a comprehensive approach for the agency to better operate and maintain the walking infrastructure under its jurisdiction, to make investments in new facilities, and support municipalities in improving walkability. 

The strategy includes updating design guidance, developing a new approach to maintenance, initiating new pedestrian projects, and ensuring that walking is a priority throughout all stages of project selection and development.

The draft plan outlines how MassDOT will support its municipal partners in their efforts to improve walkability. According to the draft plan, “Municipalities are especially important partners because the vast majority of roadways (80 percent) and sidewalks (92 percent) in Massachusetts are under local ownership and control. Together, MassDOT and the municipalities of the Commonwealth can ensure that people in Massachusetts have safe, accessible, and connected walking routes.”

The plan also highlights the aging demographic in Massachusetts, stating “individuals 65 years or older are 50% more likely than younger populations to be killed while walking. In Massachusetts, the number of people over 65 is forecasted will grow faster than other age groups. Older adults who live in neighborhoods with connected and accessible walking infrastructure can better engage in daily physical activity and can have an easier time remaining independent without a vehicle.”

Please fill out this online comment form. Or mail to MassDOT Office of Transportation Planning, 10 Park Plaza, Suite 4150, Boston MA 02116.

MassDOT requests comments be submitted by October 17th, 2018.