MassHealth Redeterminations Begin April 1, Releases Outreach Toolkit

Feb 8, 2023

Starting April 1, 2023, all current MassHealth members will need to renew their health coverage to ensure they still qualify for their current benefit. These renewals will take place over 12 months. To assist stakeholders in engaging MassHealth members, the Commonwealth created an outreach toolkit.

MassHealth will communicate to members in 2 phases:

  • Phase 1: NOTIFY: Prepare for renewal of all MassHealth members
    • MassHealth will work with stakeholders and other partners to make sure members know how to avoid gaps in coverage when renewals begin.
  • Phase 2: Educate members about how to renew their coverage
    • MassHealth and its partners will directly outreach to members when they are selected for renewal to make sure that they complete their renewal and know their options for affordable health coverage (if applicable).

During Phase 1, MassHealth and its partners should use the following key messages to educate members about the upcoming renewals and make sure they do not have any gaps in coverage.

  1. Update your contact information. Make sure MassHealth has your most up to date address, phone number, and email so you do not miss important information and notices from MassHealth.
  2. Report any household changes. These include a new job, address, changes to your income, disability status, or pregnancy. MassHealth wants to make sure we have the latest information for you and all members of your household, so you get the best benefit you qualify for.
  3. Create an MA Login Account. An MA Login Account is the fastest way to renew your MassHealth and Health Con­nector coverage, update your information, and report changes to your household. Current members under the age of 65 can create an account by following the link provided on the back of your MassHealth notices or by visiting
  4. Read all mail from MassHealth. MassHealth will mail you information about your health benefit that may require you to take action to keep your current coverage. Look out for a blue envelope in the mail and make note of the important deadlines.

For more information, check out the MassHealth outreach toolkit here.