MBTA Soliciting Feedback with Bus Network Redesign Travel Survey

Jul 21, 2021

The Bus Network Redesign being conducted by the MBTA is a once-in-a-generation attempt to make bold improvements to the bus network for the people who depend on it most. The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative encourages our network to submit feedback to promote age- and dementia friendly design on the Bus Network Redesign survey.

The MBTA is looking to create a better and more equitable bus network based on community input. To do that, the MBTA needs your help to understand:

  • Does the MBTA take you to the places that you need or want to go?
  • Is riding the MBTA a good option for you when you need to get somewhere?

This survey should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete and should be taken on a desktop or laptop computer to use the interactive features.

Because this survey involves a number of map features, it may not be accessible to those using assistive technology. If you are using a screen reader, click here for a text-based version of the survey. If you would prefer to take the survey on your mobile device or tablet, click here for the text-based version.

You can also call 1-857-366-1871 to take the survey over the phone and several language options are available below.