National Survey of Mayors Reveal Views on Older Adult Mobility and Role in Workforce

Jan 22, 2020

The Boston University Initiative on Cities released its annual Menino Survey of Mayors where municipal leaders from 119 cities from across the country answered a range of questions on diverse issues.

When it came to older adults, the survey revealed that few respondents (7%) have workforce development initiatives geared towards older adults compared to youth (79%) and people with criminal records (52%). Mayors do see job growth when it comes to serving and supporting an aging population, however.

On other issues like mobility, the report states that “low-income people, children, elderly people, and people with disabilities are the country‚Äôs most vulnerable road
users; they are disproportionately represented among pedestrians injured and killed each year in American cities.” In their responses, very few mayors identified “elderly people” as a population that is able to travel “very safely” within their city.

The full report from the Survey of Mayors is available here.