Pandemic-Related Habits, Attitudes of Older Adults Measured in AP-NORC, SCAN Foundation Poll

Jul 6, 2022

Although many changes brought by the pandemic should make it easier for older adults to age in their community, those age 50 and older are less likely to report that they will continue using these services after the pandemic ends, according to a new study from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and The SCAN Foundation.

Use of services like curbside pickup, working from home, reduced capacity ‘senior hours,’ and telehealth increased for many during the pandemic. And more think it would be a good thing rather than a bad thing if many of these pandemic-related shifts like telehealth options (48% vs. 18%), more remote work (54% vs. 14%), and virtual options for community events (54% vs. 13%) continued after the pandemic ends.

Still, many expect to leave behind some of the ways of pandemic life: more than half think it is unlikely they personally will do things like have groceries delivered (66%), attend virtual activities (62%), shop during senior hours (62% of those age 60 and older), and receive care through telehealth (52%) once the pandemic is over.

More data is available in the AP-NORC announcement on this study.