‘Quick and Creative Street Projects’ Report from Barr, Solomon Foundations Display Impact of Local Projects

Dec 8, 2021

Among the ways communities adapted during the pandemic was to make simple, but impactful changes to streets and public spaces that spurred economic activity, improved walkability and enhanced safe gathering spaces.

The Barr Foundation and the Lawrence and Lillian Solomon Foundation released a report called “Quick and Creative Street Projects: Measuring the Impact in Mass,” which puts on display a number of local projects that made it easier to get outside, commute and meet.

Among the programs that contributed to these examples was the Mass. Department of Transportation’s (MassDOT) Shared Streets and Spaces Program, which awards bonus points to projects that consider older adults. In a webinar cohosted by MHAC and AARP Massachusetts, MassDOT announced that another round of the grant program will open in January 2022. This makes the report from Barr and Solomon Foundations a great resource for communities seeking to become more age- and dementia friendly.

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