Why Transportation is Important for Older Adults

Transportation is essential for defining the quality of life for an older person. In this video, 71-year-old Eleanor explains what it’s like to lose your freedom to drive. Executive directors of Ethos AgeWell West Roxbury and ITNGreaterBoston join the Tufts Health Plan Foundation in discussing how access to affordable and reliable transportation can empower older adults to maintain their independence, increase civic and social participation, and access community and health services.

Managing Diabetes in Older Adults

Thirty two percent of adults age 65 or older in Massachusetts have been diagnosed with diabetes, according to the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Data Report. Diabetes is a chronic disease that can often be effectively managed with lifestyle changes, especially by losing weight and/or maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and eating healthy foods. In this video, Oree and Steve explain how they’ve managed their diabetes through diabetes self-management classes and fitness programs that have helped them take control of their lives.

Importance of Healthy Eating

In recognition of National Nutrition Month in March, this video highlights how healthy eating and lifestyle changes can promote better health. Healthy Eating classes are beneficial in helping older adults learn about portion control, cooking nutritious meals and label reading including education on the different food groups as well as fats and sweets. Participants, like Steve Bennett in this video, also learn goal setting, problem solving and management of dietary patterns. Thank you to Ethos and Kit Clark Senior Services for their participation in this video and to the Boston Elderly Commission, Brockton Neighborhood Health Center, Montachusett Opportunity Council, Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center and the Wang YMCA of Chinatown for providing photos.

Highlights from Building Age-Friendly Communities: the Summit

Highlights from Building Age-Friendly Communities: The Summit was hosted by the Tufts Health Plan Foundation in partnership with The Boston Foundation. The Summit, held March 18, 2015, brought together nearly 400 thought leaders to discuss what it will take for our communities to become age-friendly and how to mobilize partner coalitions in this work.