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December 2020
Age-Friendly Winter Spaces: Ideas for Municipalities to Embrace Winter (Guide)
Tags: Physical Activity, Social Engagement
Format: Toolkit

Through grant funding, collaboration, and technical support, communities across Massachusetts have an opportunity to support residents of all ages in remaining physically active and socially engaged this winter. See this new guide outlining potential strategies for communities developed by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative and WalkBoston. Below, you can find great examples of communities that embrace winter spaces and activities: (more…)

July 2016
Health Benefits of Swimming for All
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Alzheimer's Disease, Arthritis, Chronic Disease Self-Management, Fall Prevention, Physical Activity
Format: Website

This resource provides information on the health benefits of swimming for people of all ages. It also shares the benefits of swimming for those with arthritis, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

September 2014
Exercise for Seniors
Tags: Physical Activity
Format: Website

This resource provides information about the benefits of exercise and physical activity for seniors. Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine

September 2014
Exercise and Fitness Over 50
Tags: Physical Activity
Format: Website

This guide provides exercise and fitness tips and resources related to healthy aging. Source: HelpGuide.org

July 2014
PVPC’s Healthy Community Design Toolkit (2014)
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Physical Activity, Transportation
Format: PDF, Toolkit

The Healthy Community Design Toolkit provides health advocates with a path to improve community health. The second edition of this report has a focus on aging.

March 2014
Dance for Health: Promoting Physical, Mental and Social Well-­Being for Older Adults in Southwest Boston
Tags: Arts in Aging, Healthy Aging Forum, Massachusetts, Mental Health, Physical Activity, Reducing Isolation, Social Engagement
Format: PDF, Presentation

View this poster presented at the 2014 Healthy Aging Forum, “Dance for Health: Promoting Physical, Mental, and Social Well-Being for Older Adults in Southwest Boston.”

January 2014
National Council on Aging – Physical Activity
Tags: Physical Activity
Format: Website

The National Council on Aging’s Physical Activity webpage has tools and resources on physical activity for older adults.

December 2013
Grantmakers in Aging
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Arts in Aging, Chronic Disease Self-Management, Elder Abuse, Fall Prevention, Family Caregiving, Finances, Funding, Housing, Mental Health, Multicultural Aging, Nutrition, Older Workers, Pain Management, Physical Activity, Retirement, Social Engagement, Transportation
Format: Website

Grantmakers in Aging is a membership organization that is a national catalyst for philanthropy, with a common dedication to improving the experience of aging. This website provides information on a variety of aging issues from affordable housing to mental health, family caregiving, and transportation and more.

December 2013
NIH Senior Health (Health topics for older adults)
Tags: Chronic Disease Self-Management, Mental Health, Physical Activity, Vision Loss/Blindness
Format: Website

The NIH Senior Health website contains health and wellness information and resources for older adults.