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January 2022
Age-Friendly Bus Stops: Creating Bus Stops for People of All Ages
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Dementia, Transportation
Format: Toolkit

While transportation infrastructure and services investments are being made broadly across the Commonwealth, bus stops are a one area where a local community can make an incredible impact on residents of all ages.

The purpose of this document is to act as a starter resource to empower and equip communities with information and ideas to transform bus stops to be age- and dementia friendly. (more…)

June 2018
A Scan of Transportation Options Available for Older People in Massachusetts
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Transportation
Format: Report

The Governor’s Council to Address Aging Issues in Massachusetts established workgroups to focus on several key areas: caregiving, employment, housing, and transportation. The transportation workgroup recognized that to make informed recommendations it needed a thorough understanding of the transportation services available to older people in Massachusetts. The first step was to conduct a scan of transportation services in the state and to learn more about national best practices.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Boston Gerontology Institute conducted this scan during the spring of 2018 with the financial support of the Tufts Health Plan Foundation.

December 2015
Older Driver Safety Report 2015
Tags: Massachusetts, older drivers, Transportation
Format: PDF

This report distills information from more than 40 presentations from the 2015 Older Driver Safety Summit, covering four interrelated topics related to safer driving for older adults: infrastructure, medical issues, mobility, and policy. Source: UMass Boston Gerontology Institute

September 2015
2015 Age-Friendly Report: Inspiring Communities
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Civic Engagement, Employment, Housing, Social Engagement, Transportation, Volunteerism
Format: PDF

The 2015 Age-Friendly Report: Inspiring Communities looks at the 8 domains of livability by featuring 16 communities who are working toward becoming more age-friendly. Domains include outdoor spaces and buildings, transportation, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication and information, and community and health services. Source: AARP

April 2015
AARP Livability Index
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Data, Housing, Social Engagement, Transportation
Format: Website

How livable is your community? Use the AARP’s newly launched Livability Index to find out. Communities receive category scores in Housing, Neighborhood, Transportation, Environment, Health, Engagement, and Opportunity.

November 2014
Addressing Health Equity in the Dual Eligible Demonstration Projects
Tags: Massachusetts, Multicultural Aging, Transportation
Format: PDF

Source: Diverse Elders Coalition
Report by Community Catalyst

“The healthcare world is changing; providers who have been serving a certain population are now serving a completely new population, a more diverse population. When you talk about cultural competency, what you really need to look at is what the customs, beliefs and values of these individuals are.”     Dr. Terri Mack-Biggs, Geriatrician, Hospice of Detroit, Michigan

September 2014
Aging in Place | The National Aging in Place Council
Tags: Finances, Housing, Professional Organizations, Transportation
Format: Website

Age in Place is a website by the National Aging in Place Council, which is a senior support network that supports the idea of aging in place. This website includes information about local Aging in Place chapters, gives practical advice on issues such as housing, health, and transportation,  and provides lists of various service providers. Source: The National Aging in Place Council

July 2014
PVPC’s Healthy Community Design Toolkit (2014)
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Physical Activity, Transportation
Format: PDF, Toolkit

The Healthy Community Design Toolkit provides health advocates with a path to improve community health. The second edition of this report has a focus on aging.

June 2014
CarFit Program
Tags: Transportation

CarFit is an educational program that offers older adults the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles “fit” them.

June 2014
MassDOT’s Registry of Motor Vehicles – Mature Drivers
Tags: Education, Massachusetts, Transportation
Format: Website

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles provides information and resources for older drivers, including workshops, driving evaluations, and alternatives to driving.