SNAP Advocacy Guide Developed by Mass Law Reform Institute

Nov 16, 2022

The Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI) developed a SNAP Advocacy Guide that outlines the core eligibility rules for SNAP including: how to apply, what proofs are needed, how much income is counted and benefits calculated, how the household composition rules work and more. It also includes  advocacy tips on how to fix SNAP problems, such as inaccurate denials, inappropriate verification demands, how to file an appeal and what happens in a hearing.

This guide is an excellent tool and reference for communities working to become age- and dementia friendly that are focused on food access.

The SNAP Advocacy Guide tool is intended specifically for low-income households, community organizations and legal services advocates. SNAP remains a critical safety-net program in difficult economic times. It is especially important for low-income older adults and persons with disabilities to remain in the community, as a work support for low-wage families, and for homeless and unemployed individuals in economic crisis.