Supporting Diverse Family Caregivers: A Guide for Patient Advocacy Groups

Mar 2, 2023

The National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) has released a new publication to assist patient advocacy groups in their efforts to support diverse family caregivers.

Through research with professional patient advocacy group representatives and diverse family caregivers in the condition areas of lung cancer, heart disease, blood cancer and lupus, Supporting Diverse Family Caregivers: A Guide for Patient Advocacy Groups addresses the impact of culture and identity on the way that family caregivers provide care, and introduces ways in which patient advocacy groups can support their caregiving experience through culturally responsive resources and supports.

Five key takeaways from the report include:

  1. Culture significantly impacts the way caregivers provide care
  2. Diverse family caregivers can experience bias and stigma in the healthcare system based on their cultural background or identity
  3. Diverse family caregivers find it difficult and overwhelming to identify useful
    resources, especially those that are culturally responsive
  4. Diverse family caregivers were either unaware of patient advocacy groups or did not know patient advocacy groups could be utilized for their own needs separate from the patient
  5. Diverse family caregivers would prefer to be connected to patient advocacy groups
    through a trusted medical professional at the time most relevant to their care

The number of diverse family caregivers in the United States is growing yearly, and their aggregate number will soon surpass non-Hispanic white, non-LGBTQ+ caregivers. The guide was created with support from AstraZeneca.