Upcoming Healthy Aging Webinars and Virtual Meetings

May 7, 2020

Please see the following webinars and virtual meetings to support age- and dementia friendly communities.

  • Metropolitan Area Planning Council/Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization – Essential Trips: A COVID-19 Response Discussion for Local Transit Providers

Local transportation providers, such as Councils on Aging, operators of municipal shuttle programs, and transportation management associations (TMAs), are lifelines for many in the Boston region. The impact of COVID-19 on these essential services has been widespread. You are invited to a discussion dedicated to the needs of these transportation providers in the Boston region. This virtual forum will be a space for providers to discuss, learn, and collaborate on COVID-19 responses.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

1:00 PM–3:00 PM


  • Virtual Programs and Support Groups from the Alzheimer’s Association of MA/NH

We invite you to view and register for these upcoming virtual programs to support dementia caregivers.

  • National Coalition on Mental Health and Aging (NCMHA) and the Coalition to End Social Isolation and Loneliness (CESIL)  – Social Isolation and Loneliness During COVID-19: Evidence, Policy and Advocacy

NCMHA is pleased to be collaborating on this project with CESIL. CESIL’s mission is to engage diverse stakeholders, increase public awareness, promote innovative research, and advocate for policy change that combats the adverse consequences of social isolation and loneliness, and advances approaches that improve social connectedness for all Americans.

The session will cover the prevalence and biological aspects of social isolation, promising interventions to address the problem, and policy considerations.

Please register here:

  • JF&CS Percolator Memory Cafe Network – Recorded Webinars

The JF&CS Percolator Memory Café Network shares information and tools to make it easier for organizations and individuals to start and sustain their own memory café. Please see their website with recorded webinars and virtual opportunities to support the amazing network of Memory Cafes in Massachusetts.

  • (Recorded Webinar) Working to Advance Health Equity from Boston University School of Public Health

Strategies for addressing disparities in health care are often myopic, or worse, dismissed as a distraction from rigorous health assessment. As health professionals, advocates, policymakers, and patients, we are all situated to directly effect change at a structural level for populations with complex health and social needs. This talk will address the individual and broader systemic issues that impact the social determinants of health and establish that expert care and caring about cultural competency are not mutually exclusive concepts.