Welcome to Pride Initiative Aims to Create Age-Inclusive Events for LGBT Older Adults

Jun 20, 2018

Access, Equity and Inclusion are central to the work of the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative, which is why we are pleased to pass along news from SAGE (Service & Advocacy for LGBT Elders) about the “Welcome to Pride Initiative.”

Created by SAGE with the generous support of AARP, the initiative is a partnership among SAGE, CenterlinkHeritage of PrideInterPride, and The Center for Black Equity. SAGE launched “Welcome to Pride” to share how Pride organizers across the country are making Pride celebrations age-friendly, enabling people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treating everyone with respect.

Organizations that wish to publicly affirm their commitment to maintaining or increasing the age-friendliness of their events are encouraged to sign the Age-Friendly Pride Pledge. Want to be one of the first 100 organizations to sign on? Just sign the Age-Friendly Pride Pledge! You’ll be listed on SAGE’s website and in their Welcome to Pride Guide.

SAGE also invites you to complete a brief survey, the results of which will help SAGE develop age-friendly Pride materials that they hope to use to increase the age-friendliness of Prides across the country. Thank you in advance for taking the time to give us your feedback!

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