AARP Creates Intro Webpage to Help Age-Friendly Communities Navigate, Locate Resources

Apr 21, 2021

The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative is pleased to promote the resources created and maintained by the AARP Livable Communities team, including a new “welcome” webpage to help age- and dementia friendly stakeholders find relevant publications.

Created for community “influencers” — elected officials, planners, municipal staff, placemaking pros, local leaders, policy makers, citizen activists and residents — the AARP Livable Communities website contains a mix of best practices, research, ideas, slideshows, interviews, how-to’s, publications and information about age-friendly efforts throughout the nation.

The new “welcome” webpage, which includes a search feature, helps communities locate tools and resources that can help advance their efforts.

Visit the Mass. Healthy Aging Collaborative website for other resources, including the Healthy Aging Data Report and Community Profiles, and contact us if we can help connect you with other assistance on age-and dementia friendly communities.