Age-Friendly Universities Launch Webinar Series

Jan 23, 2019

Age-Friendly Universities (AFU) are an opportunity to address ageism by making campuses more inclusive of older adults and offering mentoring that benefits young and old, but the designation also provides a chance to collaborate with communities seeking to become Age-Friendly themselves.

The AFU movement is now launching a webinar series through the Gerontological Society of America to help educate colleges and universities about the benefits of becoming Age-Friendly. These presentations feature, among others, MHAC Advisory Council Members Joann Montepare from Lasell College and Nina Silverstein from UMass-Boston.

Any communities seeking to become Age-Friendly can look to partner with their local colleges and universities and can find creative ways to improve life for older adults and residents of all ages.

A recent article on AFU efforts further explains the benefits and can help spur conversations and collaborations between community and higher education.