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Healthy eating across the lifespan: What the 2015 dietary guidelines may mean for older adults

My Plate for Older Adults

By Elizabeth Costello, MPH, JSI | Project Manager, MA Healthy Aging Collaborative website

Most of us know the healthy diet drill by now: Eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and less sugar, sodium, and saturated fat. But if you have been avoiding eggs in order to limit your cholesterol intake, you may be interested in the recent advisory report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which suggests that within the context of current intake levels, dietary cholesterol is no longer a “nutrient of concern” for overconsumption. However, this does not mean you can eat all the eggs you want – one a day or two every other day is fine. Continue reading

Caregiving NOW: A Network on the Web for Minnesota Caregivers

By Elizabeth Costello, JSI; Project Manager,

Just as websites and online communities like the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative can provide a platform for healthy aging professionals to engage, connect, and share information, they are also useful for other groups who can benefit from peer support, such as caregivers. Continue reading

The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative is online!

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By Elizabeth Costello, JSI; Project Manager,

Welcome to the new online home of the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative! We’re thrilled to share this website with you today after many months of development. In 2012, members of the Collaborative identified the need for a website to facilitate year-round communication and networking among members and other healthy aging professionals. In May 2013, JSI began working with the Tufts Health Plan Foundation and the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative to make this website a reality.

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