Boston University MetroBridge Program Seeking Proposals for Fall 2024 Semester

Jun 19, 2024

The MetroBridge program at BU’s Initiative on Cities is currently seeking municipal and community project partners for the fall 2024 semester. The program has previously supported communities working to become more age- and dementia friendly.

The program aims to embed city, town, or community organization’s research needs into semester-long courses at BU, providing students with real-world, experiential learning opportunities and helping to provide necessary support to communities.

BU MetroBridge strongly recommend either submitting a proposal or contacting Program Manager David Gross to schedule a meeting even if your ideas are preliminary or not yet developed.

The MetroBridge program is university-wide, which means partners can leverage all of the academic expertise at Boston University on a wide-range of topics, including those that are not listed below. If you have a project idea that does not fall under one of the below topics, they still encourage you to submit a proposal. 

  • Community engagement & assessment
  • Climate change, environment, and sustainability
  • Housing
  • Education policy (at any level)
  • Planning (including the creation of vision plans for urban corridors/neighborhoods) & Development
  • Public health and public health policy
  • Public policy analysis
  • Racial equity and justice
  • Statistical analysis of existing datasets (particularly in areas pertaining to health and/or the environment).
  • Transportation & Parking
  • Projects involving prompts for students to come up with potential creative and innovate solutions^

Multiple project proposals may be submitted. Learn more and submit a proposal here