Resources on Socially Connected Communities Available from ‘Healthy Plces by Design’

Jun 19, 2024

In its mission to promote place-based strategies for health and wellness, Healthy Places by Design has compiled a list of resources to support socially connected communities. The Socially Connected Communities Resource Guides help community change agents easily access key information and documents to shape their social connections efforts. New Resource Guides are published bi-monthly and cover important topics that intersect with and influence socially connected communities that are featured in the organization’s Network webinars

These resources may be of interest to age- and dementia friendly community partners working to address social engagement.

Included among these resources is the “Exploring the Intersection of Civic, Social, and Community Health” Resource Guide. It provides an array of articles, reports, and videos on the topic, as well as highlights from a webinar featuring Anita Chandra of RAND Social and Economic Well-Being and Michael Stevenson of County Health Rankings & Roadmaps.

More resources and information from Healthy Places by Design is available here.