Call for Letters of Interest to Serve as a Dementia Friendly MA Ambassador

Nov 16, 2018

Dementia Friendly Massachusetts (DFM) is currently seeking a person(s) knowledgeable about the field of dementia to serve as an ambassador(s) to augment DFM’s staff outreach to cultural and linguistic minority communities and leaders. A limited stipend will be provided as part of the 2018 DFM Scale and Sustainability Grant awarded to the Massachusetts Councils on Aging by the Tufts Health Plan Foundation.

Position Requirements:

Strategic planning

Participate in monthly meetings of the Dementia Friendly Massachusetts (DFM) leadership team and help shape a statewide strategy to improve the inclusiveness of communities of color (Black and Brown*) in the DFM movement.

Identify strategies to help communities of color (Black and Brown) engage in and benefit from the dementia friendly and age-friendly movements. Work with the DFM leadership team to develop ideas to help other cultural or linguistic communities engage in and benefit from these movements.


Implement outreach and engagement activities, including:

  • Present on and participate in DFM and associated activities at organizational events
  • As time allows, help to implement or spread DFM-sponsored activities, e.g., Memory Sunday, Dementia Conversations, and Dementia Friends
  • Identify and introduce members and leaders of communities of color (Black and Brown*) to the DFM movement to assess their interest, generate buy-in, spread interest, and expand engagement in the movement.
  • Identify groups or individuals with interest in DFM who need technical assistance, funding, or other resources to advance their dementia-related community activities.

Background Requirements

Demonstrated knowledge of dementia, the health risks posed to communities of color as well as an understanding of where to access to services for both people living with dementia and their caregivers.

The ambassadorship would last one year starting on January 2, 2019.

Depending on the level of interest and skill levels, one or more individuals may be selected to serve in this position. Over the course of the year, DFM Ambassadors will be asked to work an estimated 12 hours a month at a rate of $20.00 per hour. This allocation may change depending on the level of interest and the skill level of applicants.

Letters of interest no more than two pages in length should be sent to Patty Sullivan at by December 14, 2018.

*This position description uses the term communities of color (Black or Brown) based on suggestions from members of these communities. However, we recognize that there is no one widely accepted term. Applicants are encouraged to let us know the term(s) they are most comfortable with.”