Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley Recognized by as an Age-Friendly Employer

Aug 17, 2018

Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley has earned the special distinction of being certified as an Age Friendly Employer for 2018.  The Research Group at carefully reviewed the polices, practices and programs of  Elder Services, finding them consistent with the employment needs of people age 50 and older.

“Our Certification indicates an employer’s recognition of the unique value of age 50+ workers as well as their commitment to take affirmative action in providing meaningful employment, development opportunities and competitive pay and benefits,” says Camille Grabowski, Director of Research & Certification for  The certification program has been recognized by the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging and AARP.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 22% of the current workforce is age 55 or older.  Almost 19% of adults over the age of 65 are currently working at least part time.  People are working later in life for a number of reasons.  Many adults are healthier and have a longer life expectancy, including additional work years.  Some enjoy their jobs, want to stay active and alert, and opt not to fully retire.  For others, financial considerations, including changes to Social Security benefits and retirement plans create incentives to keep working.

“Older employees bring invaluable life and work experience to the table and add to the diversity of our organization” said Joan Hatem Roy, Chief Executive Officer of Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley.  “This Certification recognizes our past and ongoing commitment to provide meaningful employment and growth opportunities, along with competitive salary and benefits for all, including both our employees and the older adult consumers we serve every day.”

To achieve certification as an Age Friendly Employer, an organization must demonstrate best practices in twelve categories:

  1. General Commitment and Workforce Polices
  2. Organization Culture and Employee Relations
  3. Workforce Planning and Composition
  4. Employee Retention
  5. Candidate Recruiting
  6. Management Style and Practices
  7. Training and Development
  8. Job Content and Process Accommodations
  9. Work Schedules, Arrangements and Time Off
  10. Compensation Programs
  11. Healthcare Benefits
  12. Savings and Retirement Benefits

Elder Services’ commitment as an Age Friendly Employer aligns with the growing movement to advance Age Friendly Communities throughout the Commonwealth.  “Age-friendly communities strive to better meet the needs of their older residents by considering the environmental, economic, and social factors that influence the health and well-being of older adults” says James Fuccione, Director of the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative.  “By committing to an age friendly employment environment, Elder Services offers its older workers a wider range of choices that make it possible for them to remain engaged and active in their community.”

About Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley

ESMV is a private nonprofit organization established in 1974.  Since then Elder Services has been the first choice and call for eldercare in the Merrimack Valley.  ESMV is federally designated as an Area Agency on Aging and a state designation as an Aging Service Access Point and Protective Service Agency, serving 23 cities and towns in the Merrimack Valley.  Learn more about ESMV at the website

About Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative

The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative (MHAC) is a network of leaders in community, health and wellness, government, advocacy, research, business, education, and philanthropy who have come together to advance healthy aging.  Funded in part by the Tufts Health Plan Foundation, the MHAC vision is that of a national leader in vibrant age-friendly communities with a focus on older adults.  Learn more about MHAC and age friendly communities at the website