‘Good Talk Toolkit’ Released to Aid Advanced Care Planning

Nov 24, 2019

Based on public messaging research, the Massachusetts Coalition on Serious Illness Care developed the Good Talk Toolkit to be a resource that supplements your organization’s capacity to build awareness and understanding for advance care planning.

The messaging and campaign are intended to shift the frame of advance care planning away from “end of life” and “life-sustaining treatment choices” towards goals of care, quality of life and shared decision making thus also bringing it into closer alignment with palliative care principles.

Sharing and telling a common message is part of what it takes for a movement to drive meaningful systemic change. The Mass. Coalition on Serious Illness Care invites you to begin to use the Good Talk Toolkit in your work and share it with others working to ensure that healthcare for everyone is in accordance with their goals, values and preferences at all stages of life and in all steps of their care.