Health Equity Guide from MetroWest Health Foundation Can Improve Impact of Age-Friendly Communities

Dec 5, 2019

The Mass. Healthy Aging Collaborative is dedicated to embedding access, equity and inclusion into the Age- and Dementia Friendly movement gaining momentum across the state.

As such, MHAC is proud to pass along “Building Inclusive Communities: A Guidebook for Advancing Health Equity in the MetroWest Region” from the MetroWest Health Foundation.

While the title and geographic scope of the foundation’s work resides in the MetroWest region, the definitions, data and tools available in this resource can be used by any community. It should also draw special interest from Age- and Dementia Friendly stakeholders that are convening and engaging community members, conducting community assessments, gathering data, and creating action plans.

We invite all communities and organizations to review this resource to, if nothing else, gain a better understanding of why health inequities exist, why it matters, and what we can do to help reduce those inequities.

MHAC is also working to develop more resources to assist Age- and Dementia Friendly stakeholders in broadening the impact of their initiatives and will continue to share tools from our partners and other organizations as they become available to us.