Help ReiMAgine Aging in Massachusetts! Comment on our Next Age-and Dementia Friendly State Plan

May 22, 2024

In 2019, Massachusetts unveiled a plan to amplify, align, and coordinate local, regional, and statewide efforts to create a welcoming and more livable Commonwealth for residents of all ages. The Age-Friendly Massachusetts Action Plan is an articulation of the state’s vision and aspirations for what it looks like to grow older as a Commonwealth.

This year, Massachusetts is working to refresh the plan to guide the state’s age- and dementia-friendly actions for the next 5-10 years. We want to hear from you.  

The action plan serves as the state’s multi-year strategy to make the Commonwealth more age- and dementia-friendly. From the beginning, this action plan was designed to be a living document that would be continuously updated and renewed over time. Becoming more age- and dementia-friendly is an ongoing process that requires direction from residents and community partners.

We would like to capture your ideas on how to strengthen Massachusetts’ age- and dementia-friendly actions and uncover new opportunities to meet the challenges of the future.

Check out the current Age- and Dementia-Friendly MA Action Plan here.

We hope you will offer comments and feedback on a refreshed plan using this survey and anyone interested can also attend one of many listening sessions listed here (scroll down to “listening sessions”).

For more on age- and dementia friendly efforts across Massachusetts, please see the most recent progress report in audio/podcast format, which is available here.