MAPC Unveils Long-Range Plan for Greater Boston, Includes Voice of Older Adults

May 11, 2022

After years of research and community engagement, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) officially unveiled a land use and public policy blueprint designed to put the region on a course toward a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous future. Included in that is a commitment to ensure the plan is age- and dementia friendly.

The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative worked with MAPC, which already included the voice of older residents from across the region, to conduct listening sessions at its Advisory Council meetings and participated in policy meetings to add an age-friendly perspective.

The plan, MetroCommon 2050: Shaping our Region Together, details five “Action Areas” including Growth & Mobility, Homes for Everyone, Equity of Wealth & Health, Dynamic & Representative Government, and Climate Change Adaptation & Resiliency – and outlines bold, achievable goals for the 101 cities and towns within the MAPC’s planning territory, along with useful research and tools to ensure success.

The Action Areas were informed by four core values Greater Boston residents and workers identified as crucial for the region’s success: equity, resilience, prosperity, and stewardship.

Grouped within the five Action Areas, MetroCommon 2050 identifies ten general goals for the region, along with specific strategies and proposed policies for achieving them. The goals include:

  1. Getting Around the Region: traveling around Metro Boston is safe, affordable, convenient, and enjoyable.
  2. Homes for All: All residents of Metro Boston have places to live that meet their needs, and that they can afford.
  3. A Climate Resilient Region: Metro Boston is prepared for – and resilient to – the impacts of climate change.
  4. A Net Zero Carbon Region: the Metro Boston region is highly energy efficient and has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero.
  5. Dynamic and Representative Governments: Local governments and regional agencies have the capacity and resources to deliver the services and supports our residents deserve, and to maintain and invest in our built and natural environments.
  6. A Healthy Environment: Greater Boston’s air, water, land, and other natural resources are clean and protected – for people and for the rest of the ecosystem.
  7. Economic Security: Everyone has the financial resources to meet their needs and to live fulfilling lives.
  8. Economic Prosperity: Greater Boston’s economy benefits all in the region.
  9. Healthy and Safe Neighborhoods: People are safe, healthy, and connected to one another.
  10. Thriving Arts, Culture, and Heritage: Greater Boston is full of unique places and experiences that bring joy and foster diversity and social cohesion.

MHAC will continue to work with MAPC on supporting implementation of the plan with an age-friendly lens.