MassDOT Studies how Regional Mobility Management Could Improve Transportation Statewide

Jan 31, 2024

In 2023, MassDOT conducted a study on the concept of Regional Mobility Management (RMM) and assess whether it would be beneficial for Massachusetts. A system of RMMs serves to connect people to any available transportation options they might need to reach a desired destination, regardless of geographic location, rider characteristics, or transportation mode.

Some states have a system of Regional Mobility Managers where the state is divided into regions, and each region has a Mobility Manager available to help individuals navigate transportation options, and/or help bring organizations together to collaborate to fill gaps in the transportation network.

Most often, Mobility Managers focus their efforts on supporting the mobility of transportation-disadvantaged populations including older adults, people with disabilities, low-income individuals, students, and veterans. RMMs also assist transportation providers with the challenges they face in providing or connecting riders to existing travel options. Mobility Management thus seeks to improve transportation access from both the rider’s and the provider’s perspectives. 

The researchers explored how this model works in other states, but particularly focused on doing a deep dive into hearing from practitioners across the Commonwealth on whether this model would be beneficial for Massachusetts, how it should be structured if so, and any concerns that exist.

Researchers conducted 60 one-on-one interviews, three focus groups (53 participants total), and an online survey (26 respondents).

The study lays out recommended next steps and the full report is available here. To help pursue these next steps, MassDOT is applying for a federal grant. Stay tuned for updates, and share your suggestions. Additional resources and information on the topic is available on here, including a webinar below: