MHAC and EOEA Partner with Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles to Bring Support to Older Drivers

Sep 9, 2020

Thanks to a partnership with the Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles, the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative (MHAC), Executive Office of Elder Affairs (EOEA) and aging service access points across the state are making resources available to older drivers renewing their licenses.

As MHAC previously announced, the RMV would be setting aside Wednesdays at select locations across the state as “Senior Days” dedicated for older drivers that are required to renew their licenses in person. MHAC saw an opportunity to connect older adults to support and resources and RMV leadership quickly agreed to collaborate. Just as quickly, EOEA staff coordinated with aging service access points (ASAPs) that stepped up on short notice coming off the Labor Day weekend to set up resource tables at the participating RMV locations.

Wednesday Sept. 9th was the first “Senior Day” and the ASAPs were there to offer information, options and opportunities to older adults that indicated an interest in such resources as part of a required COVID-19 screening questionnaire.

MHAC would like to thank the RMV, EOEA and aging service access points for their commitment – and very quick action – in supporting older adults as part of this partnership. Follow MHAC on Twitter for further updates on this “Senior Days” collaboration with the RMV, EOEA and the ASAP network.