MHAC’s COVID-19 Updates and Resources: 8/5/20

Aug 5, 2020

In addition to an evolving COVID-19 resource page, MHAC is continuing to collect and share updates on COVID-19 from state government, federal agencies like the Centers for Disease Control, and other key stakeholders.

These updates are to help and inform a wide range of individuals and partners, including communities working to become more age- and dementia friendly.

Please see the latest updates below:

  • MassHealth Issues Initial Termination Notices to Three Nursing Homes

MassHealth issued initial termination notices to three private nursing facilities that have failed to meet the standards and requirements of the MassHealth program during the COVID-19 crisis and have a historic record of poor performance. Two of these nursing facilities were identified in the Nursing Facility Task Force’s report issued in January 2020 prior to the pandemic as chronically low quality and low volume.

The three facilities are Town and Country in Lowell, Hermitage Healthcare in Worcester, and Wareham Healthcare in Wareham. The termination notices are the first step to eliminate a provider from the MassHealth program, which could result in the facility closing.

  • MassHealth and ConnectorCare Enrollment Tracker Released by BCBS Foundation

This resource highlights the most recent monthly enrollment data available for MassHealth and ConnectorCare – the two most prominent sources of publicly financed health insurance in Massachusetts. The compiled data and highlighted trends described in this resource are intended to help policymakers, health care stakeholders, and others track how enrollment in these programs has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began affecting public health and the economy of the Commonwealth. This resource will be updated regularly with the latest enrollment data as it becomes available.

  • Baker Administration Promotes Resource to Connect Residents with Food Assistance

The Administration launched a food assistance decision tree, to help residents in need determine which programs they might be eligible for. This tool can be accessed at

  • AARP Promotes “StrEateries”

Established in one or several parking spots, a parklet is a temporary or permanent outdoor space where people rather than cars can park.

The strange-looking word “StrEatery” is being used to describe the dining-style that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is becoming the restaurant norm nationwide. See a visual list compiled by AARP to see how parklets are helping to transform streets and parking lots into fresh air eateries.

  • WBUR: Latest Mass. Map And Case Count: Breaking Down Coronavirus Here In Charts

WBUR has created an online resource with interactive maps and charts tracking COVID-19 cases, deaths and other data here.