New Walk Audit Worksheets Available for Communities Working to Become Age-Friendly

Jul 8, 2020

The new AARP Walk Audit Worksheets are easy to print from home, easy to complete, and easy to use by anyone who want to make their community more livable and pedestrian-friendly for people of all ages. Each worksheet can be used on its own or in combination. Each can be printed anew for observing a different street or block.

  1. The Community Walk Audit Worksheet provides a list of characteristics and conditions to look for and evaluate along a particular street or block. The worksheet is useful for evaluating what works well, what is missing, and what could be improved to make the street safer and a more enjoyable place for people to walk.
  2. The Who’s Using the Street? worksheet helps walk “auditors” tally who’s traveling along the roadway and how.
  3. The Walk Audit Road Map can be used to illustrate the audit location. Mapping the streetscape is especially useful when accompanied by photographs that document what’s being observed and show information about specific spots on the map.

To learn about walk audits and other efforts to make Massachusetts more walkable, check out the efforts and advocacy from MHAC’s partners at WalkBoston.

For more information and resources on how to turn walk audits into action, AARP lists some suggested steps here.